There are a lot of kinds of facilitation. Teaching is facilitating learning. Project management is facilitating work. And having good meetings requires active facilitation.

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Here’s a slide deck I made when I trained a local arts organization’s board of directors on meeting facilitation. (Click the arrows or the slide itself to advance to the next slide.)

Here are some really great resources about facilitation.

Facilitating Meetings: A Guide for Community Planning Groups is a 54-page PDF primarily focused on community health, prevention, and organization, and is funded by the CDC. It’s very health-focused but all the points are relevant across fields.

The CDC has an incredible resource library of facilitation skills information, organized by phase of project. Again, these are focused on launching and running a community of practice, but this particularly library highlights the idea that particular facilitation skills and tools are more useful or relevant at earlier or later stages of a project, whether that’s launching a community organization or a new product for manufacture.

Meeting Basics is a very brief cheat-sheet style meeting prep guide.

How to Organize and Run Effective Meetings is a 5-page PDF published by the University of Nevada’s Cooperative Extension.