Empowering people to do better work.

Photo by Christopher Tracey

I like making tools that help people do their jobs better.

That’s why I work in the realm of business process development,  leadership, and facilitation.

I believe empathy, empowerment, autonomy, and collaboration are the keys to doing good work. I like figuring out how everything is inter-related so I can make better tools and help people communicate better. I was initially a reluctant leader, but once I realized that there are a lot of ways of going about being a leader and a manager,  I discovered that I like it. I’m good at engaging teams and helping them get really good work done.  I’m a generalist with a pretty varied working background, and I’ve done technical writing in a lot of different fields, which means I’m well positioned to look at what makes a workplace functional, how people communicate, and what the roadblocks are to good communication and a healthy environment. Life and work are about the process (and the struggle) as much as they are about the deliverables. I try to make it easier for people to do the right thing than to do the wrong thing.

In resume-talk, this is what I do:
Skilled in issue management, facilitation, and gap analysis. Experienced in product development process, requirements gathering, and adoption planning. Strong multi-level communication and influential leadership skills. Agile and comfortable in start-up environments.

Here’s my resume (pdf).

Send me an email if you’d like to talk: emmarehm@gmail dot com

Here’s a map of how I think about these concepts. Click on the darker colored shapes to read more of my writing on each topic.

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